Your little one’s first bedroom

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It is recommended by The Lullaby Trust that your baby should sleep in your bedroom for the first six months. This is the safest place for baby to be.

Always make sure the mattress is brand new.

I have really witnessed this in my work as a maternity nurse, when I had a newborn next to me, if I took a deep breath, sometimes I could hear baby copy me.

You can choose a Moses basket or a next to bed cot.


Moses basket

Organic knitted Moses basket by The Little Green Sheep

I am a big fan of The Little Green Sheep as the majority of their products are natural and organic, from their Moses baskets to mattresses to linen. I have a lot of their products ready for our little ones arrival.



Next to the bed sleeper

This option attaches to the side of your bed, usually with zips to allow easy access to your baby. My choice would be the Snuzpod or Chicco Next to me.

It is imperative that you attach the sleeper correctly for safe sleep. I actually advise to always put the side back up for optimum safety.



Which blankets are best to use from birth?

Cellular blankets are the safest – I love Abeille blankets, a local company to me.

“Cellular blankets are the ONLY blankets recommended for newborn babies (the ones that hospitals use). Cellular blankets have small holes in them and keep your baby warm without the danger of them overheating. The clever ‘cell’ construction traps air to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.” – Abeille

I had one gifted to me that I packed in my hospital bag and it was great to use in the hospital.


Safe sleeping

Always check the manufacturers instructions on anything you buy, especially if it states that it is safe for night time sleeping.

The lullaby trust has a wealth of information all about safe sleep

When to set up the nursery?

There is no big rush to get the nursery ready before the little one’s arrival as they will be in your room for up to 6 months. However from my personal experience I was eager to get the nursery set up in my last trimester, as once they do arrive it can be a lovely place to relax.

For stunning nursery furniture, Anita at Anita’s House has a gorgeous bespoke range and call also show you other brands in her London showroom. booking is essential for a consultation.


Nursery essentials

Change station

I love to have a change station set up.

This can be a chest of drawers with a change topper on, or a specific changing station. You can also put the change mat on top of the cot which can be a space saving option. NEVER EVER leave your baby on here as they can move more than you think. If you need to get something, take baby with you or put them on the floor.

Change mat

I had a nice looking change mat when Nico was born but with further research I am now not happy about the ‘foam’ contents of the mat. I have now created a set up just using blankets and a towel which is actually the safest. For the early days the nappy bed mats can be useful, or just use flannels as they are so tiny!


Nappy bin

This is not something that we have used for Nico as I just take the nappies and put them straight into the bin, I just felt like it was using even more plastic putting them into a bin and then into our bin. I am going to make the transition to reusable nappies now and have just seen that Vital Baby have a new nappy bin as part of their ‘Nurture’ range available at John Lewis.

This looks great as you don’t have to buy the plastic liners and can use your own. It is also a great option if you are using cloth nappies.

Cot or Cot bed

This will all depend on how much space you have.

I have always loved the oval STOKKE cot that grows with the baby,

However IKEA also make some great basic models to fit a budget. I have actually chosen the Ikea Sundvik cot teamed up with The Little Green Sheep Twist Mattress (see below).



Make sure you get a really good quality mattress, as mentioned earlier I love The Little Green Sheep for their organic bedding and mattress quality. At all costs avoid a foam mattress as this can be toxic for little one. Invest in the mattress rather than the cot!


The above shot is an insight to what is inside the mattress¬† – I Love the ‘Twist’ Mattress that covers babies to toddles by turning the mattress over.

Babies need a firmer mattress than a toddler. The contents of the mattress are all natural ingredients, based on coconut fibres, natural latex, wool and herringbone cotton.


Nursery linen

It is not recommend to use cot bumpers, pillows or duvets for babies. I love to use organic linen where possible and my favourite brand is The Little Green Sheep.


For Moses basket:

The Little Green Sheep Organic Moses Basket/Carrycot Waterproof Mattress Protector

The Little Green Sheep Organic Moses Basket Fitted Sheet


For Cot bed (based on 140x70cm)

The Little Green Sheep Organic Waterproof Cot Bed Mattress Protector

The Little Green Sheep Organic Cot Bed Fitted Sheet

Cot mobile ( a Laura and Nico must have!)

Setting up the cot can be great for a safe play area when baby is little. It also helps them get used their bedroom.

I find babies love the music and shapes of the mobile, having a good kick of the legs and babble as they get older. One of my favourite brands that I have always recommended to families over the years is Tiny Love. I have to say this has been one of our BEST products that we bought for Nico. In the early weeks, and even now at 4 months he will enjoy the mobile for at least 20mins meaning I can shower/make breakfast or have a hot cup of tea! Winning!


Tiny Love, Into the Forest Mobile


Feeding/Reading chair

Which ever way you feed your baby comfort is key, with the right support. I have found it difficult finding a chair that ticks all the boxes but will also last as baby grows into a toddler and pre schooler.

An option for nursery chair is the STRANDMON from Ikea. This would have been my choice but we were able to move an Ikea armchair from our lounge up into the nursery which has actually worked out really well. Sometimes its just a question of moving things that you have already around the house.


Bouncy chair for baby

My personal favourite that I have used over the years is the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss chair. It is slightly more expensive than other brands but it is made to last and washes really well.

I find babies love the fact that they can learn to bounce themselves in the chair. I would recommend getting the toy bar as well. It’s a really great investment for the nursery, and a great safe place to put little one in the bathroom whilst you shower. Nico now sits in it whilst we eat dinner, although he would prefer to be at the table eating with us! Not long now though!