Kind Words

“Laura taught me to learn to relax around my daughter and to enjoy the simple, everyday tasks.  She taught me about baby massage, winding, gave me weaning advice, bottle-feeding, sterilisation of bottles, how to make delicious purees, and gave me equipment advice, plus she was instrumental in initiating a routine so that Layla had structure in her day and so that I could put aside time to work again (from home).

Her sessions really empowered me as a mother and gave me the confidence to enjoy all aspects of motherhood.  I now enjoy every moment with Layla – even the hard moments during the terrible two’s!  Nothing is a challenge, it’s just all part of being a mother.  It’s an honour to be able to bring up my daughter, and I have huge respect to for and her learning needs.  Every challenge of motherhood has a simple solution – and that is what Laura taught me.

I’ve never met such an upbeat person as Laura Chelmick.  She approaches each situation with good humour and positivity and a solution that really works.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her – I have done so with many of my friends already.  She is worth every penny, in fact a session with Laura is, in my opinion, a necessity for ALL new mums!!”


I had a 1:1 session with Laura as I was really struggling with feeding. 
I was told that if I was breastfeeding then my baby would go off me if I introduced a bottle. It was really starting to get my down as I loved breastfeeding but really hoped there was a way of getting my partner to do some feeds so I could catch up on sleep. I was also really worried about my milk production and if little one was getting enough milk. 
Laura brought over her bag of goodies which even had an electric breast pump some sample bottles for me to try. I was amazed at how easy the pump was to use and love that it can be both manual and electric. I was able to pump and keep a feed for later in the day which he took no problem. 
I have now bought the pump and feel free! I am a changed woman! He feeds from me most of the time but when I need some time for me I can pump and feel like me again!
I am so grateful to Laura I feel like her session rescued me from a dark place that I was heading towards. 
I attended Laura’s ‘Loved by Laura’ workshop when I was pregnant which was a great insight into all the best baby products and brands. 
My breastfeeding journey went well for the first few months but then due to various reasons I needed to transition to bottle. This was not as easy as I had thought. I went out and bought some bottles and my little one was not happy, refusing the bottle and only wanting me. I contacted Laura in desperation, I had to go back to work and couldn’t leave my baby like this. 
Laura suggested to try using the nipple shields that I had given in the goody bag at the workshop. I did it when my baby was sleepy and she latched on perfectly. I then tried the mam bottle that was also in the goody bag and she took it straight away! I couldn’t believe it! 
Thank you Laura for all your one to one and online support , I feel like I can now go back to work knowing that my little one is happy.