About Laura





Hello, I’m Laura, thanks for coming by, 
I just wanted to let you know who I am, what I do and why!

I am a Daughter, an Auntie, a Godmother, a Girlfriend, and now blessed to be a Mummy to be! My passion in life has always been to be with babies and little people and I truly feel my place on this wonderful planet is to help new families with their babies.
I have been blessed to have welcomed so many babies into the world in my work as a maternity nanny. This role took me all over the world gaining incredible experiences that who have helped shape who I am and how I work today.
In my wonderful years of being ‘Laura Poppins’ I formed incredible relationships with the little people I brought up.. who are now not so little!
I am passionate about Empowering new parents in their role – All my friends tell me that I am the baby expert, but the way I work empowers YOU to take all my knowledge and feel confident about your baby.
I work with a ‘mamatoto’ approach, believing that mamas and babies are one – i just help with the learning of understanding each other. You could say that I’m the manual that your baby doesn’t come with!
I believe that EVERY baby and new parent is different, there are no strict right or wrongs, what works for one baby may not be what another baby needs. However there is a general rhythm that most babies like to follow and often instigate themselves!
I offer one to work support in my three hour ‘peace by peace’ sessions that can be tailored to your needs, I also do bespoke workshops and am creating online video support and product reviews.
I really look forward to meeting you, whether you are currently pregnant or your little one is already here and you are in need of some guidance and support.