Your Little one’s first wheels

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I have always loved baby equipment, especially prams and have worked with a huge variety of makes and models over the last 16 years in my work as a Professional Nanny and Maternity nurse. Its one of the most expensive purchases you will make for your little one and needs to be the right decision. 

It can be an overwhelming choice looking for the pram that suits you and your lifestyle – I haven’t even found it an easy choice even with my background! Hopefully these tips will help you find the one that suits YOU;



What to consider

The first initial factors I always tell new parents to consider when buying a pram are:


Your height

You need to have a fully adjustable handlebar depending on your and your partners height. Look after your back!


The size/weight of the pram

Where will you store this in your home – how big is the boot of your car? Do the wheels come off in case they are filthy and you want to clean them easily.


Where you live

Town or country living involves a different pram choice  – I am finding this tricky as I have a life that is a combination of town and country but don’t really want to buy two prams!


Travel/ public transport

Is this a big part of your lifestyle?



Have a think about your budget and add a bit more if you can, as prams are expensive. Alternatively there are some great second hand places where you can look for your ideal pram.


The first 6 months

Newborns need to LIE FLAT as much as possible in their first six months – It is for this reason that many prams are from 6 months plus, and you need to buy the CARRYCOT, also called BASSINET for baby to go in for these first few months.

This can seem a big investment for a short amount of time but for me this is something that is important to me.  The carrycot on some prams can also be used as somewhere for baby to sleep so this can double up and make the expense a bit less painful. Just need to make sure that it has a good quality mattress and is designed for night sleeping.

Another idea is to buy a ‘cocoon’ rather than a carrycot – this is not as sturdy but will just give that little bit of extra protection if you buy a pram that can be LIE FLAT. It will also take less space to store when you have finished with it if storage is limited.


Looking ahead

Are you buying for your first baby… is it possible that you may have another one with a short age gap and may need a pram that can fit them both. This can be a bit of a big question to think about but many prams are prepared for this where as others are not.

Best to keep to gender neutral shades.

If the gap is a bit longer than a buggy board or seat can be a great option.


Remember your pushchair can reflect your personality… make sure its really the one you LOVE. This can also involve compromise with your partner as well, as their first choice may not be yours.

I definitely believe that you need to LOVE your pram as its going to be part of your home for the first year, and the first walks with little one, its the best feeling pushing your gorgeous bundle in wheels that you love!



Remember accessories – depending when your little one is due – Sun shade/ Rain cover/ cosy toes. I love the sheep skin liners that help regulate temperature. 

Snooze Shade is an amazing product for safe sun protection – this is also covered in my sleep section. Please click here


Once you have the answers to the above you can start looking!


My Decision

At 36 weeks I have finally made the decision after a huge amount of researching and testing to order the Bugaboo Fox. It was a little out of our budget but after falling in love at first sight in my first trimester it was always the one for me. After working with so many babies over the years I felt this was an important decision to get right! This decision was based on my lifestyle and is a personal choice.

I will be vlogging all about it when little one arrives. Super excited!



Best places to go and actually look at prams

Anitas House, London –  – booking essential

Natural Baby Shower – – near Reading – they have a lovely showroom

John Lewis – – Bluewater

I also LOVE The Baby Show – its like Laura heaven to see so many of my favourite brands in one place! It is on all around the country but usually in London in September/October and March.


My top personal favourites!


Bugaboo Fox – Lie flat from birth -5/6 months


Silver Cross Wave – Great for future family proofing


iCandy Land Rover – If there is no budget


Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle  – Fab 3 wheeler for country walks


Bugaboo Bee for around town   – Great pram for the car – whizzing around town


City Jogger -Super easy fold and lightweight


Babyzen Yoyo for Travel!  – Amazing compact little pram  – must have for flights


Maclaren – Always been a fan of this super easy light weight pop up pram from 6 months +


My pram video for more help and tips will be coming soon but you can always contact me for any further advice.