Gift Ideas


Are you looking for a gift for a new mum and baby or a baby shower?

I have some lovely suggestions for you!


Gifts for Mum

The Mother Box – Holding women before birth and beyond

This wonderful company was set up by the lovely Alexis and Becca, a midwife and doula, they are all about Self Care for new mums.

In fact they have also written a wonderful book which would also make a lovely gift.


The Little Book of Self Care For New Mums



Food is also an amazing gift for sleep deprived new parents – there are some great companies out there now that do healthy food deliveries. Alternatively arriving with a home cooked lasagna will be the dream!

Also COOK offer a new parents discount which is definitely worth taking advantage of.

The Food Doula

Have a look at the website below, Kate is a doula who can nourish new parents with the joy of food!

noun: doula; plural noun: doulas
A woman who gives support, help, and advice to another woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth.

The Food Doula does this, through food!


Etta Loves

These are a gift for mum and baby, as they will give mum time to have a shower! A wonderful brand set up by the lovely Jen. Sensory muslins with science behind them stimulating little one’s vision.

There is also a lovely gift pack for mum and baby with some gorgeous cowshed products.


Baby Box

Is a brand new company set up by the lovely Alex – She has created beautiful baby gift boxes, perfect for a new arrival.


The First Years

This is my gorgeous go to brand for personalised gifts at a great price – lovely for new babies or First Birthday/ Christening.


Emma Bridgewater

I love this classic range of pottery and ceramics – the mugs are so popular for new mummies and daddies – why not get a little cup personalised for the new arrival too. It will be lovely to have on the shelf with the other mugs!


Magnificent Stanley

A gorgeous local brand to me specialising in Liberty print t-shirts with either age or personalised letter.


The Colour Chronicles

Another great gift that I recently saw at the Baby Show is by The Colour Chronicles, The Book of You.

“A beautiful book for children and their grown up to record all the wonderful moments and memories from age one through to sixteen. With a series of fun questions to be filled out every year which promote delightful answers, it builds into a lasting memento to be treasured for years to come. With a choice of six colours there is a book of everyone. ”


Wooden toys

For gorgeous wooden toys and long lasting gifts, have a look at


I love the Noah’s Ark wooden toy for a classic Christening gift.